Puppies / Chiots

PUPdate as of January 2018

Mysti has now retired after having her last litter in April of 2017. In her first 6 years with us, Mysti gave us 3 beautiful litters, and earned the distinction of being North America’s #1 Performance lappy, having earned a total of 27 titles including a CKC Championship and titles in Agility, Disc, Ratting, Rally Obedience and Trick Performance. Mysti is Mom to Kiire and Rüka, who will now take over the family business. Mysti will stay at MapleMyst and enjoy a return to an athletic lifestyle.


On January 5 this year, we welcomed our first litter of 2018.  Rüka and Frost welcomed 6 little ones, 2 girls and 4 boys. Both Rüka and Frost are Grand Champions and this litter looks very promising from a show and performance perspective! 

Ruka and Frost, champions already

We are planning two more litters this year, with Kiire and Moxie.
For information on future litters, please contact MapleMyst through the site’s contact form.

Mysti at water's edge
Mysti's last basketful!
Tout le monde au bain!
Myles, sans la trompette!
Ruka et son ballon favori!